The SWHerts Newsletter is published monthly. If you have any articles or photographs that you would like included in a future newsletter please email them to our newsletter editor. Goto to the contacts page to access the email facility.

To view the newsletter you will need the free Adobe reader. If you do not have this installed on your computer you can download it by clicking on the following link .

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Note that the Study Group News section of the newsletter can be viewed by clicking on the link in the Groups page, or by following this link

In addition to the Newsletter, SWHerts U3A is also publishing a series of 'Help' documents. These will be a platform for SWHerts members to pass on information and tips that might be of use to fellow members.

These 'Help' documents can be viewed in the Archives section of this website along with copies of the Newsletter and the minutes of the Committee Meetings.

This page was updated on 9th December 2019