Contact : Brenda Southorn

Phone Number : 01923 677139

Time : First Tuesday of the month, 2:00 - 3:00 pm.

Meeting Place : Member's Home

Since this group was formed we have looked at and discussed the six major faiths which are practised in Hertfordshire - Buddhism,Christianity,Hinduism,Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. This year we will be looking at some of the lesser known faiths practised in our area. We also are planning to visit Bevis Marks Synagogue, the oldest in Britain and a Sikh Gurdwara. Dates will be publihed here when finalised. Although the group is full at present visitors are welcome to join our visits to places of worship.

My contact number is 079330144117 for any further information.

This page was updated on 30th of January 2013