Contact : Joe Coulson

Phone Number : 0208 950 1865

Time : Usually 3rd Thursday, 1430-1630 or as published in the newsletter

Meeting Place : Combewood, Horseshoe Lane.

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We are a very friendly group and we are ready to consider all aspects of science and technology. All levels from beginners to experts are welcome.

Our group discussions are always very lively and informative, and in addition to presentations by our own members we welcome outside speakers as well as outings to places of interest.

The lists below give an idea of the range of our talks in recent years
Topics for 2014:
January - Programme development discussion
February - Atom - BBC DVD
March - Drones and RPVs - John
April - Graphene - Allan
May - Exploration of Mars - Joe
June - How the web-site works - Gavin
July - Genetics - Kate
Aug - Fox-Talbot - Stewart

Topics for 2013:

January - Valves and Transistors - Derryck/Brian
February: Clocks - Mike Parker
March: Photographing the Night Sky - Nik Szymanek (
April: TED Talks-The Brain/Consciousness
May: Outing - Kew Bridge Steam Museum (joint with Sci&Tech 2)
June: Outing - Renewable Energy RES (joint with Sci&Tech 2)
July: Size and Shape for the Pace of Life - Kate Quinton
August: True or False? - Group
September: No meeting
October: Outing - The Cinema Museum, London
November: The Weird World of Quantum Reality - Peter Hughes
December: Quiz - Patrick Turner

Topics for 2012:

January: The Wallingford Clock - Alan Bloomfield
February: Global Warming, Fact or Fiction? - Pat Walker
March: The Foundation of the Royal Society - Mike Quinton
April Outing - Bushey Water Treatment Plant (joint with Sci & Tech 2)
May: How Weird can Reality Be? - Peter Hughes
June: Gadgets - Group
July: Summer Science Royal Society 3rd-8th July
August: Summer break
September: DVD "Atom" and discussion
October: Food Science - David Faires
November: Outing - Cambridge (Whipple Museum/Scott Polar Research Institute
December: Quiz - John Britten (joint with Sci & Tech 2)

Topics for 2011:

January: A Metrological Miscellany - David Faires
February: Tesla: Crank or Genius? - Brian Hodgson
March: Is Seeing Believing? - Denis Kelly
April: Food and Bacteria - Trish Sale
May: Mars Pheonix Lander - Pat Walker
June: Q & A, True or False? - Group
July: Informal visit to the Summer Science Fair at the Royal Society
August: Summer break
September: Quantum Theory and the Nature of Reality - Graham Marrett
October: Outing - Hunterian Museum, College of Surgery
November: Early botanists and biologists - Kate Quinton
December: Quiz (joint with Sci & Tech 2) - John Britten

Topics for 2010:

January: Great Inventions - a group session around the topic
February: Galileo - Graham Marrett
March: Amateur Radio - Brian Hodgson
April: Telephones & Telegraphs - Mike Findley
May: Lights in the Sky - Prof. Alan Davies (see Newsletter for venue)
June: BRE - Peter Trotman
July: Outing - Tour of De Havilland/Mosquito Museum
August: Summer break
September: Batteries - Martin Humphries
October: Outing - BRE Garston
November: The Causes of Weather - Pat Walker
December: Quiz - John Britten

These are the topics that we covered in 2009:

January: From Tape to Digital Recording - Derryck Croker
February: Fusion Power Research at Culham - Chris Carpenter
March: Strings, the Future of Modern Physics? - Graham Marrett
April: Robert Hooke - Mike Quinton
May: Coach trip to Culham, May 13th, see tickets/newsletter
June: Birth of Commercial Computing - Patrick Turner
July: Visit to Wellcome Foundation. Details at meetings
August: Summer break
September: Paper Trail at Frogmore. Details at meetings/newsletter
October: Sustainable Energy - Barbara Noble
November: Light - Mike and Kate Quinton
December: Quiz - John Britten

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