Contact : Fran Beak

Phone Number : 01923 672341

Time : The 4th Wednesday in the month, from 2 - 3.30pm

Meeting Place : All Saints Church Hall

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Our sessions are open to all, from the totally inexperienced to those who go folk dancing on a regular basis. Dancing is to recorded music, mostly in the English country dance tradition, as this is what is currently available within the group. We are happy for individuals to have a go at calling (teaching) dances but there is no pressure put on any member to do this. If you decide to come along to a session please bring your U3A membership card, 2 and your own refreshment (most of us bring our own bottle of water).

This SWHerts led group started at the end of 2004, became a joint group with Ver-Colne Valley U3A in 2009 and now welcomes members from other local U3As.

This group has one or more videos that you can view.

Once the video screen has loaded you can either click on the play button or click on a small image below to play the associated video.

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