Contacts : Veronica Hannaford & Brenda Butt

Phone Number : 01923 440350

Time : Meetings are held 2:00-4:00pm on the second Thursday of the month.

Meeting Place : Combewood, Horseshoe Lane

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Our meetings are quite informal but we manage to exchange information on where to find details of our ancestors, try to solve the whereabouts of missing people in the various censuses (now available from 1841 to 1911) and other records. We generally endeavour to help people when they get 'stuck' with their family trees. Unfortunately, the computers have now been taken out of Combewood but those of us with home PC's are willing to help those who are not on-line as yet. This is still proving to be a fascinating, if time consuming, hobby.

This page was updated on 16th of February 2013