Contact : Caroline and David Bloomer

Phone Number : 01923 260854

Time : 2nd Monday 2pm; 4th Tuesday 2pm

Meeting Place : Abbots Langley Methodist Church Lounge

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We searched for and are moving to a new venue where we shall have a decent WiFi signal.
Members need to contribute at least 3 per session to pay the room's hire fee. THIS MAY BE A TEMPORARY VENUE as members have the right to use somewhere else for future sessions.
This is intended to be a short course, enabling members to find answers for their IT-related problems and thus better use their equipment.
Please bring your phones, tablets and/or laptops with you.
Through attending this course, members will become confident users of their SmartPhones, Tablets, iPhones, iPads, PCs, PC programs, Apps - whatever they own and wish to use.
Learning how and where to find reliable solutions for their questions is a very important skill for everyone.
Members are invited to ask questions within the group as others may have met similar issues and can share their knowledge of solutions.
The last session in 2019 is December 9th. Thereafter, sessions begin again on the scheduled dates in 2020.

This page was updated on 28th of November 2019