Contact : Derek Giles

Phone Number : 01923 27097

Time : 1st Monday, 2.00pm to 5.00pm

Meeting Place : Asda

The format that seems to suit is that we read modern as well as classical plays, generally keeping the subject light. We have read plays by Noel Coward, Alan Ayckbourn, Oscar Wilde, J B Priestley, Agatha Christie, Brian Friel, Ray Cooney and many others. We read, comedy, farce, drama and try to cover as wide a spectrum as possible. Each meeting the two hours seem to fly by with everyone reading; nobody is left out and concentrating on the dialogue keeps everyone glued to the page. Having to use one’s own imagination to picture the action of a play takes us all into a different world for two hours and we all emerge more relaxed and smiling. The size of the group is being kept flexible, as we are able to accommodate everyone who attends. The reading, regardless of gender, is conducted ‘in the round’. If you want to escape into the world of theatre for two hours you will be very welcome to join us.
There is another group, led by Derek Giles, meeting on the 4th Wednesday morning and whichever play is read then is repeated by us on the 1st Monday of the following month. You are welcome at either or both!

This page was updated on 4th of October 2018