Contact : June Hunt

Phone Number : 01923 661468

Time : 4th Wednesday 2pm-4pm

Meeting Place : Combewood

This group was started in 2002 as Victorian History. It ran for 10 years until 2012.

When Victorian History closed the nucleus of the group decided we would continue with the group concentrating on Charles Dickens. I became the Group Leader and the Charles Dickens group ran from 2013 2014.

In 2015 we continued with the group now known as Eminent Britons and set out a new formula for running the group. Each month a member of the group researches a subject of their choice and talks or does a power point presentation lasting for approx 1 hour. Then a second member does a short talk lasting for approx 15-20 minutes. The time left for is general discussion about the subjects we have covered.

We are looking for new members and if you are interested in history, will be made most welcome.

This page was updated on 17th of September 2017