Contact : Val Hogan-Buckle

Phone Number : 01923 220315

Time : 1st Friday 11:00-13:00

Meeting Place : North Watford Fire Stations

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We\\\'ve called this Study Group \\\"Knitting for All\\\" because that is exactly what it is. By popular request we also include crocheting.

All are welcome - men and women - from absolute beginners to aficionados and returners with all levels of interest from the practical to the way-out.

During August and September, some of us have been knitting poppies for the Coop\\\'s Funeralcare iniiative to raise funds for the Royal British Legion\\\'s Poppy Appeal. Others have been knitting, or crocheting, gifts for new babies, or with Christmas in mind.

Knitting was originally done by men and in many cultures that\\\'s still the case where men use the yarns spun by the women to create highly complex and colourful knitted garments as a rite of passage into manhood.

Conversely, and for the more mathematically and technically minded, knitting patterns are in essence the same as computer coding, and the first computer coder was a women - Ada, Countess of Lovelace (Nee Byron).

Knitting keeps hands and minds nimble and all you need to learn is: one plain and one purl. You will find details of what we are currently doing in the monthly Newsletter.

So, if you like a good natter while you are knitting, or crocheting, come and join us.

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