Contact : Gavin Peacock

Phone Number : 01923 490375

Time : Each Monday at 2:00 pm

Meeting Place : Morris Pavilion, London Colney

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This jazz band aims to be inclusive and is aimed at musicians whether active, inactive, new to or returning to jazz. The emphasis is on having fun whilst rehearsing and improving. The group has been formed as an Open Group by Ray Wilson of St. Albans U3A and as such will accept members from any other U3A. The group currently has members from St Albans (3), Dacorum (3), SWHerts, Borehamwood & Elstree and Potters Bar U3As.

Jazz in the Third Age can be described as a little big band. It will play contemporary arrangements for a “4-horn combo”. The nominal line up is trumpet, alto, tenor and baritone sax with rhythm section. The beauty of this line up is that it produces a “big band” sound with a smaller line up which is amenable to instrument variation. We now have the following instruments in our line-up: two Alto Saxes; Tenor Sax; Baritone Sax; Piano Accordion; Guitar; Piano; Bass Guitar and Drums. Our Sax players all play at least one other reed instrument each and so we can include Soprano Sax, Clarinet and Flute voices where appropriate.
A trombonist and a trumpeter would make a great difference to the tone variation in the band so these are priorities for recruitment.

Other frontline instruments are also welcome, indeed orchestral and brass band instruments are encouraged. French Horn, Baritone Horn and Euphonium all have a similar range to the Trombone; and of course both Cornet and Flugelhorn have a similar range to the Trumpet. Clarinet and Flute are easily fitted into higher Sax and Trumpet voices and Bass Clarinet has a similar range to the Baritone Sax.

Please remember that this band is inclusive and musicians who have no jazz experience should not be inhibited from contacting us. There is still room for some more musicians as the band will double up on parts; it’s all part of the inclusiveness principle.

So, any instrumentalist is welcome to apply and we will work out with our Musical Director (MD) how best to accommodate any other instruments. Our MD is Bob Power who has had a long career in music including time with Phil Moss, of early “Come Dancing” fame, at Mecca Ballrooms. More recently he’s been part of Hertfordshire’s Music Service working with school children and is also MD of the Fleetville Swing Band. Bob himself has re-arranged classic numbers for the 4-horn combo from the swing era right through to contemporary styles.

So if you’d like a shot at playing jazz but play an (to jazz) “unconventional” instrument then don’t be put off – make contact.

This page was updated on 6th of September 2015