Contact : John Britten

Phone Number : 01923 673205

Time : 2nd Monday of the month - 2pm

Meeting Place : Orbital Centre, Haines Way.

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The purpose of this group is to learn more about the wines we like and why we like them. We can also find out why some wines are not so much to our taste - perhaps giving us the confidence to confront a wine waiter if we think that a wine we've been served is not as it should be.
We do this in the most direct way possible - by tasting and drinking a variety of wines! Each month one or more of the members introduces a selection of six or so wines and the group tastes, comments on and (in most cases) enjoys them. The wines may be from a classic European vineyard, or from a New World winery, and may be very widely available or sometimes quite unusual. Members of the group have a wide range of abilities, and of tasting preferences, but all can participate on an equal basis. After all, the only "good" wines are the ones you like and can afford.

Members pay an additional subscription to SW Herts U3A to cover the extra running costs of the group.

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